Drugs Don't Work in Georgia

Would you like 7.5% discount on your workers’ comp insurance premiums?

Certified drug-free workplaces in Georgia receive a 7.5% discount on workers comp premiums!

To achieve drug-free certification, complete these 5 simple steps:

1. Have a substance abuse policy – (a free sample policy is available on-line)
2. Conduct (limited) drug test – (you DO NOT have to test your entire workforce! You may also limit the positions you test for, to
3. Complete employee education – ( you may use monthly newsletters).
4. Complete supervisor training – ( can be done “in-house” ).
5. Have an Employee Assistance Program – ( or a FREE list of counselors )

FREE sample substance abuse policy on computer disc: www.gachamber.com
Discounted drug testing ( check with your local chamber of commerce).
Training newsletters (from your local chamber or www.LiveDrugFree.org )
Free treatment center list: www.LiveDrugFree.org click on SAIR

As a member of Lee County Chamber of Commerce you will receive the above as a part of your membership. For more information on the Drugs Don’t Work program you can contact:

Chuck Wade
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Inc.
Georgia’s Leading Drug Free Workplace Provider
270 Peachtree Street, NW Suite 2200
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Ph: (404) 223-2277

Frequently asked questions:

Q: “Do I have to drug test all of my employees?”
A: No, only new hires, after accidents, on reasonable suspicion and post treatment.

Q: “Do I have to fire an employee who tests positive for drugs?”
A: No, you may fire an employee, or refer them to treatment.

Q: “Can I afford the drug costs?”
A: Only limited drug testing is required, and many local chambers have discounted rates. You may also find discounted rates with approved labs.

Q: “It’s hard to find workers now, will this limit the pool of workers I can draw from?”
A: If you choose to do so, you may limit the positions you test for, to safety sensitive.

Q: “Where can I get technical help with certification?”
A: Local chambers DRUGS DON’T WORK coordinators will assist you.
If your local chamber does not offer the DRUGS DON’T WORK program, go to www.LiveDrugFree.org and click on the Drug Free Workplace section on the right side of the home page.