Each year within the months of February through March, the Lee County Chamber & Development Authority hosts The Leadership Lee Initiative. Nominations for participation in Leadership Lee may be submitted throughout the year to the Chamber office.

Lee County Chamber of Commerce is now accepting applications for the Leadership Lee Program. The Program's mission is to enhance leadership opportunities by increasing the participant’s knowledge of the community’s economic strengths, the infrastructure of the community, and exposing them to challenges and issues confronting the community. The program is designed to be an educational experience and does not attempt to promote specific ideas. At the conclusion of this program, each participant will be better equipped to promote the community, heighten their level of community involvement, and exhibit dynamic leadership qualities. For further information or to enroll in this program contact Lesley Barbosa at 229-759-2422 or lbarbosa@lee.ga.us before January 31, 2019.
Leadership Lee ~ Class of 2018
Eric Armstrong, Trey Cooper, Renita Gause, Bradley Horne, Austin Joiner, Jodie Knight,
Sara Mitchell, Rhonda C. Porter, Kenny Roberts, John Wheaton
Leadership Lee - Class of 2017
​​Lindsay  Bridges, Kevin  Ellis, Rhett  Grant, Michael  Harris, Trey  Haynes, Pamela  Johnson, Dustin  McLendon, Keith  Miller, DeeAnn  Owens,  Eric  Stone, Robin  Strickland, Jennifer  Wilson
Leadership Lee ~ Class of 2016​
Terrie Alby, Josh Beard, M. Leigh Deaton, Darrel Finnicum, Vance Green, Hank Hall, Leigh Hall, Michael Kennedy, Tracey Kiesau, Clare Pearson, Alex Perry, Derek Roberts, Ira Thompson, Jamarques West, Ashley Brim (not pictured)
Leadership Lee ~ Class of 2015
​​Angie Balkcom, Johnnie Benton, Marcia Boyd, Brian Braun, Kelly Burnette, Kristy Carberry, David Dixon, Kimberly Docker, Gail Drake, Dan Gillan, Natasha Golden, Chad Griffin, Shelly Holland, Eric Hyslop, Tammy McCrary, Kenny Mitchell, Karla Nichols, Annette Oliver, Tim Thomas, Pamela Kay Willis, John Woodward, Tracy Wallace

Leadership Lee ~ Class of 2014

Left to Right Back: Stacy Ortiz, Gabriel Lord, Lyn Tippens, Dana Hager, Kathy Sutton, Chris Saunders, John Patrick, Coty Dees
Left to Right Front: Jay Merritt, Anna Barfield, Chelsea Collins, Kim Robinson, Holly Strickland, Amanda Owens, Jason Scott, Kevin Taylor

Class of 2013 Leadership Lee Class

Holly Black, Alicia Arnold, Jason Dowdy, Greg Greenway, Charles Kendrick, Corey Lee, Missie Mendoza, Jeremy Morey, Jaimie Murdock, Tyler Paul, Rosa Ramsey, Matthew Shoemaker, Walt Tompkins
Not pictured: Ragen Fretwell and Robin Giles

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