Georgia's Quality of Life Capital

On behalf of the Lee County Chamber of Commerce, “welcome to our community”. We’re excited to have the opportunity to discuss the potential for your family and business to grow and prosper with us. In recent years, we have experienced a boom in residential and commercial growth unheard of in South Georgia. We’re not surprised. Lee County is renowned in our region for warm hospitality, resourceful leadership, state and nationally acclaimed schools, and family focused quality of life. While these amenities have brought residents here, more and more businesses are discovering that Lee County is the right “home” for them as well.
We hope you’ll notice that our friendly community is serious about business. We’re determined to provide an economic base to support our rapidly growing population. While we’re eager to see local businesses grow and new businesses arrive. We’re dedicated to preserving and enriching the quality of life which makes us choose Lee County as our home. Our government and citizens are focusing on smart growth. We’ve initiated our strategy with the development of Oakland Meadows Business Park. Oakland Meadows is the ideal location for light manufacturers, high tech industry, or businesses with distribution needs. However, Lee County has become the destination of choice for National Chain Retail Investments. The reason for this includes: our Average Household Income exceeds $76,000 yearly; we are part of the Metropolitan Statistical Area which boasts the Second Strongest Retail Pull Factor in Georgia which means we are a retail shopping destination for all of Southwest Georgia: and we have many available commercial sites with all needed infrastructure in place.
The Lee County Chamber of Commerce and the Lee County Development Authority will combine forces to find you an ideal investment site for your new business. “Life truly Works Well Here.”
Please let us know how we can help you.
Winston Oxford Executive, Director
Lee County Chamber and Development Authority